Easy and fast user testing with automagic analysis

We're soon launching a user-testing platform that handles user recruitment, remote unmoderated testing and automagic analysis.

Get results within hours

For each of your video test results, we'll flag what went well and what the testers struggled with, to help kickstart your analysis. How do we do this? We use automatic speech to text transcription to flag positive/negative keywords, combined with facial recognition and emotional analysis to show you the users’ sentiment during the test. 

Easy setup

Test anything you want, as long as it can be shown on a computer screen. Use our battle-tested templates or create your own test questions and tasks. We'll guide you along the way with helpful tips using natural language processing.

Recruit testers within minutes

Choose your target audience - we can segment our panel of testers based on nationality, mother tongue, and much more. We can even help you set up your own panel, so that you can test with existing customers or even employees. Focus on the stuff that really matters, while we take care of the admin work and incentive payouts.

What is user testing?
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